Morning Melodies

Morning Melodies

Some of the best entertainers in Melbourne perform for you at Morning Melodies.


Doors open at 10.00am

Show, Morning Tea

Only $8



2 hours of Bingo fun over $1000 in prizes

Thursday 14 Dec 2017

Blue Birds Day Club

Blue Birds Day Club


Location: George Foster Room
Admission: $4
10am - 2:30pm

The day starts with the Club song and birthday announcements. A Tai Chi session is conducted between 10.30 and 11.30 for those that wish to participate and a small cost is involved. We also have a Qualified Physiologist run an Exercise Class between 10.30 and 11.00 which is free. Others may prefer to play cards, or chat etc.

From 11.30 we assemble and play mind games, quizzes and have a raffle draw until our lunch break at 12.00.

Members can sit down to lunch at a cost to the individual or purchase sandwiches from the bar.

Following lunch, bingo, cards games and carpet bowls are played during the afternoon.

Guest speakers, demonstrations and light entertainment events occur several times throughout the year.

The Club's Birthday and Christmas celebrations are special events and bus trips are arranged during the year.

Saturday 16 Dec 2017



Saturday Bingo

Location: George Foster Room
Admission: Free
2pm - 4pm

$3 for 15 Games

1st Session 14 games - $50 prize

15th Game $500 prize

2nd Session 14 games - $50 prize

15th Game - $500 prize and A rolling Jackpot of up to $1,000

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